Making your day, Thoda Aur Special

Wedding Photography

Make your wedding brighter, and your memories, unforgettable. Lighting with composure, and an unparalleled perspective, come together at ADS Photography, to create, what can be termed as the perfect blend of finesse and class. With an exceptional edge in capturing Candid shots, the team is committed to delivering the best work, with utter dedication and commitment.

We provide the most accommodating experience ever, as we keep things natural, and neat, because,

the best pictures are the ones, you didn’t pose for.

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Glistening Drops of Affection

Engagement Photography

It is not just a mere exchange of rings. It is a day when two souls come together, new relationships come into being, and innumerable memories are formed. With an experience of 12 years, ADS Photography, captures all those moments, to cast them in pictures, and make them immortal.

For the love of this beautiful commitment. We promise to give you the best.

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Because only so much can be done in a day

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Weddings are a phenomenon, and to live it completely, one certainly needs more than a single day. Apart from the traditional events, ADS Photography binges on a fun-filled ride of cute and candid moments, to give you an extra ounce of happiness. Pre-Wedding shots, give the special couple, an exquisite experience.

A florescent distraction? We’ve got your back.

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Birthday Photoshoot

Birthdays are precious, and we are here to collect the jewels. Every step, every smile, every tear, every action, every reaction, all the expressions, captured for complete satisfaction. Between those balloons and the candles on the cake, we decorate your special day.

Seeing the smile through, and finding life.

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Be it a wedding, an engagement, a birthday, a fun-filled Pre Wedding day out, or any other event, for that matter, we understand, how important it is, to capture every minute detail. Our exceptional cinematography brings your expressions to life. They fuel energy into moments, and simulate, what is called, true magic. Our videos are unique, creative, and crafted with an unconventional perspective.

Every emotion, every expression, stored in a disc, played in your heart.

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